Dear Friends:

Every day, House Rabbit Society rescues homeless rabbits who need our care and love, and provides education on house rabbit care. Contributions from our members and supporters are critical, allowing us to aid the rabbits who need us most, and providing educational materials and classes to teach about rabbit care. I am happy to announce our partnership with My Broker Donates, which gives our supporters a new way to help House Rabbit Society —at zero cost to you— through the purchase or sale of a house.

If you are planning to buy or sell a home, My Broker Donates will match you with a qualified real estate professional who will donate 15% of their fee to House Rabbit Society. It's a powerful economic engine: a $500,000 real estate transaction would generate more than $2,000 in funding to help us rescue and rehabilitate rabbits in need, provide critical veterinary care, make improvements to our National Headquarters like replacing carpet with easy to clean linoleum, support our emergency rescue grants for House Rabbit Society chapters across the country, produce The House Rabbit Journal, and create new educational materials and classes to help others learn about rabbits.

Visit My Broker Donates' Web site to learn more and get started. A gift of that size would make you one of our bigger donors—without costing you a dime.

With your generous help over the years, House Rabbit Society has not only rescued tens of thousands of rabbits through our chapters across the country, but continues to change the way that rabbits are seen in society. My Broker Donates creates a new way that your house can help rabbits in need.

You, your family and friends can use My Broker Donates for any real estate transaction. You'll receive first-rate service and help fund the life-saving work of House Rabbit Society at the same time—without tapping your checking account.

Contact My Broker Donates now and know that you are keeping our House Rabbit Society's rabbit rescue and education programs alive.

Thank you for your ongoing support,
Anne Martin, PhD
Shelter Director, House Rabbit Society

House Rabbit Society

The agent you choose is the most critical decision you make when buying or selling real estate. Here’s why.

Some of the best homes get sold before they make it to market. As a Buyer, if you’re not getting a chance to bid on them, talk to My Broker Donates. Buyers who select their agent based on word of mouth or have a friend in the business may not get to bid on that “just-right” house.

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You’re facing a big financial decision. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to perform your due diligence?

If you have an agent in mind, how do you know that agent is best for the job? Have My Broker Donates provide a comparison before making a final decision. It only takes a few minutes and there is no obligation.

House Rabbit Society has partnered with My Broker Donates, an independent company that uses data unavailable to the public to match you with just the right Realtor for your specific needs. And, at closing, they make a large donation to House Rabbit Society at no cost to you. To find the right agent and support House Rabbit Society please fill out the form to the right.

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