A Message From Sierra Club

San Francisco Bay Chapter
Serving Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin and San Francisco Counties

Dear Members, Supporters, and Friends:

As we all know, these are challenging financial times, yet the threats to our physical environment continue to escalate. In response to this pair of challenges, we are pleased to announce our partnership with My Broker Donates. My Broker Donates empowers you to support our common causes—at zero cost to you.

If you are planning to buy or sell a home, My Broker Donates will match you with a qualified real estate professional who will donate 15% of their fee to our local chapter of the Sierra Club. It's a powerful economic engine: a $500,000 real estate transaction would generate more than $2,000 in funding to help us preserve our local open spaces, protect our air and water quality, and advocate for renewable energy and public transportation.

Visit My Broker Donates' Web site to learn more and get started.
A gift of that size would make you one of our bigger donors—without costing you a dime.

With your generous help over the years, the San Francisco Bay Chapter has invested significantly in our communities. My Broker Donates creates a market mechanism that returns some of that investment to the chapter, where it can be recycled back into the community.

You, your family and friends can use My Broker Donates for any real estate transaction. You'll receive first-rate service and help fund our fight for the environment at the same time—without tapping your checking account.

Contact My Broker Donates now and keep our legacy of environmental action alive and working for you.

Thank you for your ongoing support,
Michelle Myers
Chapter Director

We can find a better agent than you can. Here's why.

Sierra Club

The agent you choose is critical when buying or selling real estate. That’s why the Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, has partnered with My Broker Donates, an independent company that uses data and networks unavailable to the public to help our supporters. MBD will match you with just the right Realtor for your specific needs, at no cost to you. And, at closing, they make a large donation to Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter in your name.

Buyers Some of the best homes get sold before they make it to market. Buyers who select their agent from the internet or a chance meeting at an open house may not get to bid on that “just-right” house. As a Buyer, if you’re not getting a chance to bid on them, My Broker Donates will introduce you to a seasoned professional with the inside track who will get your offer in front of the seller.

Sellers who select their agent based on word of mouth or because they have a friend in the business may be settling for less than they should get. As a Seller, if you’d like to get the highest price for your home, My Broker Donates will match you to the proven professional who knows your neighborhood best.

If you have an agent in mind, how do you know that agent is best for the job? Have My Broker Donates provide a comparison before making a final decision. It only takes a few minutes and there is no obligation.

You’re facing a big financial decision. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to make the smart decision?  Find the right agent and support Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Area chapter now.   Simply fill out the Get Started Now! form to the right.

If you have already signed with an agent, we do not mean to interfere with that relationship. We can’t help you at this time.