What Buyers and Sellers are saying about us:
“I had been listening to NPR, and heard the advertisements for My Broker Donates. I decided it was time to buy my first home so I gave them a call. Jack connected me with Pam Nelson and she was fantastic. Pam walked me through the process and answered every question. She was incredibly responsive and even emailed me back during the Super Bowl! By being so knowledgeable and personable, Pam made the entire experience smooth. Plus, My Broker Donates made a generous donation to NPR! Thank you for referring me to such a great agent.”
Thanks for all of your help, Jack!”

~ Maria G.,Sacramento, CA, Buyer
“I’m still amazed at my good luck at being referred to My Broker Donates. While driving around on a Sunday afternoon, I popped into a wonderful open house and fell in love. The owners were planning to look at multiple offers on Tuesday and I didn’t even have an agent yet. Luckily, a friend put me in touch with MBD. Jack and his team got all the information from me and a few hours later introduced Judy, a top agent in the area. She negotiated the winning offer, walked me through the inspection and mortgage process, and we closed escrow three weeks later. And at closing, MBD donated over $4,000 to my favorite cause, Accountability Counsel. I’m telling everyone about My Broker Donates. Win, win, win!”
~ Micheline M. Buyer
“I turned to My Broker Donates after hearing about them on NPR and spending some time on my own trying to find a broker.
The usual web searches weren’t very helpful, since there are hundreds of brokers in my area. I called My Broker Donates and Jack got back to me right away. After spending some time with me to find out what my needs were, he did some research and provided me with a couple of brokers to check out. They were both high quality brokers and after I interviewed them, I picked Glenda. She was the perfect broker to meet my needs and without My Broker Donates help and efforts to weed through the hundreds of choices, I would not have found her. Jack also followed up with me to make sure I got the broker I needed and was willing to research additional choices, if necessary. Besides the great service from My Broker Donates, I was happy that my favorite public radio station, Capital Public Radio,will also get a nice donation.”
Thanks for all of your help, Jack!”

~ Joe K, Seller
We loved our San Francisco condo, but our growing kids needed a yard to play in, pronto. We heard from our nonprofit friends about My Broker Donates: since it was free, we gave it a try. They sent us three agents, but when we met Amy, we knew we had a match. Now she’s practically a member of our family. Even better, MBD donated thousands of dollars to seven local nonprofits that we identified. And it didn’t cost us a cent. MBD, you are definitely the intelligent choice for a Realtor connection.Why do it any other way? “
~ Kristi and Nik, Buyers
“My agent’s local knowledge and connections got me the right house at a great price.”
~ Heidi W, Buyer
“As a long-time listener to Capital Public Radio, I heard frequently about My Broker Donates and always thought it a great idea. When it came time to sell my home near Oroville, I contacted MBD, who connected me to a local broker, Dave Black. Dave is a true professional — very skilled, always available, and easy to talk to. He developed a marketing plan and put it into play. Within two weeks I had three offers! Dave consulted with me at every step, as we negotiated our way to a sale.
I am happy with the final sales price and the quality of the professional that My Broker Donates introduced me to. I would certainly recommend their service to anyone who wants the best agent when buying or selling. And I’m pleased that using the services of MBD generated a donation to my favorite non-profit organization.”

~ Michael W, Seller

“My Broker Donates helped me find a great agent to sell my house…and the best part is that we were able to make a sizable donation to our favorite charity…at no cost!”

~ Perry L, Seller

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with how smoothly that sale went, and the donation in memory of my Mother just made it all the better. Bravo to you… for creating My Broker Donates. And you can quote me on that!”

~ Matt O, Seller

“Even if my favorite organization weren’t benefiting, I would recommend MBD as an excellent way to connect with an agent.”

~ Don F, Buyer

“The agent MBD connected me with was fantastic. We sold for higher than our asking price in less than thirty days after placing the house on the market. And 15% of the agent’s fee came back to Whistlestop as a donation. I’m confident MBD will create an important new stream of donations for Whistlestop, and they provide great service to buyers and sellers. In a word, My Broker Donates works. It just does. If you are planning to buy or sell any real estate, please consider contacting My Broker Donates.”

~ Joe O, seller
What Realtors® are saying about MBD:
“The call came out of the blue. Would I help a California man sell his parents’ house here in Connecticut, and pay a referral fee? And oh, by the way, most of the referral would go to a non-profit? I’m in! The home was in a charming area near the commute train. Needed some work, and our team spiffed it up in no time. Our aggressive pricing drew multiple bids and the house sold well over asking. The folks at My Broker Donates were super easy to work with. They connected me with the client and followed up from time to time to make sure all was well. The clients won, the non-profits won, and I won. My Broker Donates is a no-brainer.”
~ Krista A, William Raveis Realtors
“This is how My Broker Donates worked for me: I just closed my first My Broker Donates deal with a brand-new client. It was a completely normal home purchase transaction for me. But it created a $1,500 donation for the Sierra Club’s S.F. Bay Chapter. Nice!”
~ Gene B, The Grubb Co.

“When the people from My Broker Donates called me, it made perfect sense. They wanted me to help a young family find their dream house in Petaluma, and that’s what I’ve been doing for more than twenty years. I get immense satisfaction finding just the right house for my clients. We knew it as soon as we opened the door. It was perfect. It took us a while – almost two weeks – to hammer out the price and details, but they couldn’t be happier today. It was a pleasure doing business with My Broker Donates. The clients were highly qualified and motivated, and best of all, we were able to make a donation to their charity.”

~ Cindy R, Realtor

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for referring Wayne to me to assist with his new home search. Wayne is a first time buyer and although new to the process, he was a delight. I have to tell you that referrals can sometimes be daunting as we have no knowledge of the person, their experience, how they handle challenges, etc. I can’t say we had the easiest transaction with this bank owned seller, but I can tell you that I appreciated every moment I worked with Wayne. It was nice to have new client that was such a great partner in this adventure. I am thrilled to say Wayne has found his new home and I am so thankful for your referral. Keep ’em coming!”

~ Pam N., Realtor