USA Today Weighs in on My Broker Donates!

Here’s a nice little story that USA Today’s special real estate magazine did on My Broker Donates.

It’s been a busy spring here, with folks figuring out the equation: Buy or sell a home, get matched with a super agent, and create a big charity donation, free!

Bon appetit!

Charity Connection…
Here’s a way to find a real estate agent and donate to a non-profit

By Laura Myers, USA Today

When Joe O’Hehir’s parents asked him to sell their house in Connecticut, he needed to find a real estate agent from 3,000 miles away.

So O’Hehir, the CEO of a California nonprofit called Whistlestop, called My Broker Doantes. He quickly found an agent and, as a bonus, ended up raising $2,000 for Whistlestop.

“They did all the research and presented me with three real estate agents,” O’Hehir says. “I did an over-the-phone interview with three and selected one.”

My Broker Donates, a for-profit organization, connects buyers and sellers to agents. Then it arranges for 15 percent of the chosen agent’s commissin to be donated to the charity chosen by the agent’s client. My Broker Donates also takes 10 percent of the commission as compensation.

A $500,000 transaction could generate more than $2,000 for a charity.

“For us, it’s a once-in-in-a-lifetime operation,” says Don Forman, who bought a house in Berkeley, Calif., in 2011. “We didn’t have a real estate agent in mind.”

Forman, editor-in-chief of the Sierra Club’s San Francisco Bay Chapter, knew about My Broker Donates through the Sierra Club. He chose his chapter to receive his donation.

The service gave him a list of real estate agents knowledgeable about the Berkeley market and a recommendation for a particular agent. “I talked to the one they recommended, and he impresed us very much,” Forman says.

People who already have an agent can participate, if the agent agrees.

That’s how agent Krista Alecia got involved with My Broker Donates. She now uses her affiliation as a selling point when bidding for large jobs.

“It’s a feel-good,” she says. “There aren’t always a lot of happy feelings going around with the market the way it is. So it’s good to put something on the table that show that you … want to be involved in a charitable transaction.

Forman and O’Hehir use their experiences to promote My Broker Donates to supporters of their non-profits. It’s a fairly new service-launched in 2010-and O’Hehir says generating awareness could lead to big donations.

“We’ve seen cash donations decrease during recessions,” he says. “So I think non-profits need to find unique ways for people to give, rather than just writing a check for $2,000, because that’s hard to do.”

Pretty cool! The article isn’t posted online yet, but spread the word for us if you love this idea! Thanks all …